There’s nothing like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day! With that in mind, George decides to set up his own lemonade stand to earn money for a new soccer ball. But George has a lot to

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The aquarium is one big, exciting place for a little monkey. George s curiosity helps him make lots of new friends . . . and get into lots of mischief too. But when a baby penguin is in trouble, Georg

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Every child who is free to play at drawing is preparing to learn how to read and write at the same time. So, encourage the children in your life to draw, paint, colour in, copy and doodle, and you wil

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Une toute nouvelle imagerie pour faire découvrir aux tout-petits les premiers mots du quotidien en anglais.

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Eco-quiz, minibeasts word search, recycling game,draw your ideal home – Children will love these green puzzles and hands-on ideas for green living. Perfect for earth-conscious children when pair

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Book review:”Motte geht schlafen”

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In German, from 1yo. Board book. Motte is going to bed but first she must do a few things, get her plush toys to sleep, have a bath, put her pyjamas on… Cute little book for the daily bedtime routines. For more information click here.

Book review:”Don’t cry, Sly!”

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Bilingual English – Vietnamese, from 2yo. Sly’s mother is very demanding and she wants roasted chicken for dinner. Little Red is a hen and lives next door. Should be easy for a fox to catch a hen, right? For more information click here.

National Science Week 13-21 Aug 2016

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This year again, let’s celebrate science with lots of great activities and fun. 🔬 For more information on the events organised in your State check For this special event we offer a free delivery for all order

Book review:”Os 100 primeiros veículos”

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Board book, in Portuguese, from 0yo. Great book for the development of the vocabulary related to transportation. The child can discover the vehicles through real life pictures. For more information click here.

Book review:”Ang madyik silya ni Titoy”

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Bilingual Tagalog-English, from 4yo. Titoy has a magic chair which takes him to great places. This little boy’s imagination will help him overcome his limitations. For more information click here.  

Book review:”Attendre un petit frère ou une petite soeur”

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In French. From 2yo. Soon there will be a new baby at home. Is it going be a girl or a boy? I am not sure I want a baby brother or a baby sister. Written by the famous paediatrician and psychoanalyst Dr Francoise Dolto, this cute little book gives si

Le Toboggan is turning one!

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Happy birthday! Le Toboggan is turning on ONE! To celebrate this day we have a short video to share with you. We thank you for your support and explain how and why Le Toboggan came about. Also we would like to offer 15% off on all our resources (unti

Book review:’La luna contenta’

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In Spanish, from 4yo. Paperback. Veronica looks through her window every night waiting to see the moon smile. She could see the moon smile in Bolivia where she comes from and why she does not smile anymore in Spain. Find out how Veronica finds her ha

Happy Bastille day! Joyeux 14 juillet !

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To celebrate this year’s Bastille day Le Toboggan offers a free delivery on all orders* placed until Sunday 17 July 16. Voucher: #‎b‬@st16 *for shipping/delivery addresses in Perth (WA) metro only. *valid on any product in stock (no backor